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Wedding photos at Alice Springs Wedding

Alice Springs Wedding

Would a Alice Springs Wedding Suit You?

Alice Springs is a unique wedding venue with its own feel. You will not see much information online about this venue as it doesn’t even have its own wedding website page for to visit. They do try to keep the venue as exclusive as they possibly can. This venue offers a 36-hole golf complex within the grounds. Not only does this create spectacular views, but it also is very handy if any of your guests fancy a round of golf before the wedding. There isn’t a venue that you can compare Alice Springs too in the local area. Also, it is worth noting that if you are looking for a wedding photographer at Alice Springs Golf Club, please to contact me as I am very familiar with the venue and know magnificent photos can be created with their views of rolling hills and flower gardens. As a photographer, I was always am interested in the grounds because I am always thinking about what type of photograph they will help to enhance.

Flower at Alice Springs Wedding

Why is this venue so attractive to get married in?

Firstly, it is a very easy venue to find and get to. It is close to Cwmbran, Newport, Abergavenny, Pontypool and Monmouthshire. Secondly, it is a great option if you are thinking of having a smaller wedding as it ideally caters for 60-80 wedding guests . It is worth going onto trip advisor to check recent reviews from people who have got married there. You will read comments from couples such as Peter and Helen who wrote, “This is the brilliant venue, and we would recommend it to anyone is thinking of getting married”. Although I am a wedding photographer based in Cardiff, I do travel to venues such as Alice Springs outside the city. I cover the majority of weddings in the South Wales area but am also willing to travel to further afield. 

Groom at Alice Springs Wedding

Why should you choose me as your wedding photographer at Alice Springs?

I am a friendly and relaxed photographer. I am not the type of photographer who will be getting your guests to line up for hours and pose for endless photos. I am quite the opposite; yes we will get some official photos in that traditional way. However, I am keen to capture your day as it unfolds in a documentary style. There is always that moment at a wedding where the bride looks nervously with excitement at her farther down the aisle, or when the bride's father sheds a tear, or the groom's men larking around before the ceremony- I will be there to capture these intimate moments. While trying to be creative and artistic, I really hope that I can become part of your big day and share these brilliant memories. It is worth contacting me by clicking my contact button on my website to check my availability as soon as possible as I am quickly booking up even for 2018. 

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