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Alternative Wedding Photos Cardiff

Alternative wedding photography

If you are looking for alternative wedding photos for your wedding day in Cardiff then you have come to the right place. There are many different ways that your wedding photos can look slightly more alternative to your average picture and in this blog we are going to discuss these differences.

Filters for your wedding images

With instagram exploding over the last few years’ people really understand filters better. Putting subtle filters over your wedding photos can give them an incredible grainy effect that can add real character to your images. There are hundreds of examples of these. The secret here is to find a photo that you love and send it to me. I have often said that even if you don’t find the exact type of photo that you like in my portfolio please bring me a photo that you love and I will be able to base my wedding photography around it. I have a degree in Photoshop and can create any style or filter that you can find. Taking the right picture is certainly a skill but taking these photos from good to great on Photoshop is often the thing that makes my images stand out against the rest.


What is the difference between a good photographer and a bad one, in my opinion it all boils down to composition? If you gave a camera to anyone in the world and asked them to take pictures on your wedding day, they would be able to do it. So why do you look for someone who is a professional rather than just asking “Uncle Pete” to do them. It is because professionals have got “the eye”, we have been doing it for years and we can line up the images that we know are going to be more pleasing to look at. We ask questions like, “what else can we include in this image that might make the image look better?” This is the composition, it is not always a case of what is in the middle of the photo, it is often “what else is around that person in the picture that is going to really make it special”.

Alternative photos for your wedding

Dare to be different

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Sometimes I take images not really knowing if they are going to turn out how I wanted them to look. Sometimes the images just don’t work and sometimes they turn out to be the best images.


One that springs to mind is a wedding I did a few years ago where I had the entire family lined up. I took a few images from a few angles and just as they were all about to leave I suggested that we do one alternative wedding photo where the entire family jumped in the air and I caught them in mid shot. Later when I presented them with their wedding images the stand out one was the one where everyone was in the air, it had so much character and it perfectly captured the “entertaining” feel of the day.



Please have a look through my photos and message me if you feel that I could capture your Cardiff wedding photos in the way you would want them captured.


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