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Do you need a photographer for your Angel Hotel Wedding?

The Angel Hotel Wedding

Would you like to have a Angle Hotel Wedding?

The Angel Hotel in Cardiff is one of the best hotels based in the heart of the city centre. It is a well-established hotel with a long history and has provided for many weddings over the years. They have three exquisite function rooms to provide an excellent atmospheric backdrop for your big day. From the hotel there are great views of the castle and the rest of the city, not to mention the wonderful ornate chandeliers. You can contact the hotel for more information, and they will send you a wedding brochure. Within the brochure, you will find more information regarding their dragon suit and Prince of Wales suite. The Angel Hotel can provide weddings for parties numbered between 50 to 270. It is also worth noting that as this hotel is very central it is easy to get to, and your guests can stay over night at the hotel.

Bride and Groom Angel Hotel Wedding

Will I get my dedicated wedding planner at the Angel Hotel?

In a short answer, yes.  They will help you plan and organise everything for your big day. They will help you decide how you want the room to be decorated, what type of menu to choose from and the timings of the day. For example, some bride and grooms like to have a wedding that is later on in the day- the friendly staff at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff can make that possible. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for the Angel Hotel in Cardiff I do recommend that you contact me as soon as possible to I can discuss the range of packages with you. I am a wedding photographer at Angel Hotel based in Cardiff and am very familiar with the Angel Hotel.

Wedding rings at Angel Hotel Wedding

What to expect when you book me to be your wedding photographer at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff

It is my job to find out what makes your day distinctive and individual and then capture it on film. I want to bring your wedding to life in photographs that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Whether your wedding is a big event at an upmarket hotel or a quieter function at a more intimate setting, I will ensure you have a set have images that is unique to your big day. Some clients wish to book my for their entire wedding; others prefer me to capture just a couple of hours. Whatever you require it is worth getting in contact so I can offer you the various packages. It is also worth noting that I can also photograph in various styles and colours. For example, so exterior shots against an 18th Century building in low sunset lighting look great in black and white. We can discuss these various styles when you get in contact with me.

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Glangrwyney Court.

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