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Are you considering an Atlantic College Wedding in the Vale of Glamorgan?

Atlantic College Wedding

St Donats castle set within the grounds of Atlantic College Wedding is one of the best wedding venues in Wales. The building itself is very impressive and people come from all across the world to get married at this exquisite wedding venue. The venue was originally the home of the famous Hollywood star William Randolph Hearst. The castle is now owned by Atlantic college and when the school is in vacation between May and September it is rented out for weddings. To ensure each wedding is exclusive and the staff dedicate themselves one hundred percent they limit their venue to one wedding per day. They use external caterers who provide some of the most succulent dishes in the industry. They have lots of experience in providing food for weddings and are familiar with the set timings of the day. Nothing is a problem for the caterers or the service staff and they will always be there to help with a smile. The main hall of the castle can accommodate between 170 to 200 wedding guests, but if you are considering having a big wedding a marquee can be set up on the lawn to cater for up to 400 wedding guests.

Are you looking for a good photographer for your Atlantic College Wedding?

If you have gone to the efforts of booking out such a wonderful wedding venue, you’ll want to make sure you have a photographer who is up to standard to make use of such a great backdrop. That is why I would like you to book me as your wedding photographer. My name is Phil and I am the director of The Wedding Photographer Cardiff and I offer a very popular photography service in the South Wales area and beyond. I pride myself in taking imagery that impresses all my clients. Every wedding is unique and I like to capture the feeling of the day in print photography. I also do not overcharge for my services and price myself at a very competitive rate – I offer very high quality photographs and an affordable price.

Guitar at Atlantic College Wedding

Book online today

If you have a date set in mind already, then the best thing for you to do first of all is to see if I am available for that day. I am becoming very busy and 2018 is getting up very quickly- so to avoid disappointment I suggest that you get in contact with me as soon as possible. If you would like to run through the wedding arrangements in more detail and discuss various photography styles, I suggest we meet up before hand at a local café for a discussion. You will not be disappointed if you book me, and I suggest you read all the testimonials on my website of all the previous weddings I have been hired as the photographer. There you will also be able to see my online work and if you like what you see, I suggest you make a booking with me today.

bride and bridesmaids at Atlantic College Wedding
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