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Bryngarw House wedding photographer

Bryngarw House is a beautiful manor house in Bridgend. I have been there many times and can say that it lends itself perfectly to beautiful wedding images. The venue has a summer feel all year round and the food there is delicious. If you are choosing this as your wedding venue, then you are making the right choice.


One of the best benefits of booking Bryngarw House is that you rent out the entire house, giving guests the option to flow in and out of different rooms in the evening, from the marquee area out the back to some smaller rooms with sofas and right out to the conservatory area. This makes my job a lot easier as a photographer because I can drift in and out of different rooms, snapping people from more of a distance than in a closed off room where people are more aware of me taking images.

Are You Considering having a Bryngarw House Wedding?

If you are interested in Bryngarw House, I would recommend getting in touch with the venue and arranging a visit, or even just going to their website to have a look . You will see from websites like TripAdvisor that the reviews are great.

Why have me snap pictures at your wedding

Please take a moment to have a look around my website and browse my other images. As you have probably noticed by now, each individual photographer has a slightly different style. This is due either to the way they take the images or the way they choose to edit them afterwards. Apart from the price, this is the only thing that differs between photographers. Why not take a moment to look at a few different photographers and see if you would like your wedding images to look like the images from the other weddings they have shot?


I am guessing, since you are reading this, you have already had a look at a couple of my weddings and are considering having me as your wedding photographer at Bryngarw House. If you are, then why not get in touch for me to send over a quote?

About me

The other main thing to do is to see what I am like. Your wedding day is potentially going to be the biggest day of your life and the last thing you want is some awful wedding photographer you don’t really like floating around you all day. Because of this, I have added a video of me on my homepage, so you can get a good idea of what I am like and see if I seem like the type of guy you would like to have around you on your big day.


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