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White wedding at Cardiff Castle

Dance at Cardiff castle Wedding

Cardiff Castle sits in the heart of Cardiff. It literally is a central point of the city and is a fantastic place to get married. The regal interior and reasonable prices make this one of the top wedding venues in the city. The fact that this venue is council owned rather than privately owned means that the prices are fair, rather than overpriced.


Having been to many weddings there, I can say that the venue staff put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that your wedding day is the best it can be. I have always been impressed with the weddings I have seen there.


I am sure that you have been already but, if not, make sure you go and have a look at the Cardiff Castle wedding page. There you can read more about the packages you can get when you have your wedding at the castle, and also read some of the glowing reports from other brides who have already got married at the venue.


If you like, you can download their full brochure by clicking here.

Are You Considering having a Cardiff Castle Wedding?

Did you know that, relative to its size, Wales has more castles in it than any other country in the world? Getting married in a castle will put you in a group that makes up a very small percentage of the world. I have to say that I think there is something special about it too – I mean, talk about becoming a princess for a day! The rooms in Cardiff Castle feel lavish and fit for a king and queen. Your guests will be blown away by this incredible venue and it will certainly be a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Bride and groom at Cardiff Castle Wedding

Have photographs to match your special day!

Being a wedding photographer for Cardiff Castle, it is not just my job to stand around taking images of people smiling at the camera. It is my job to try and capture what the day is all about. I try to capture the feeling and emotion of the day and always try to deliver wedding photographs at Cardiff Castle that take you right back to into the moment over and over again.


My goal for the day is to try and be invisible; I know it can be uncomfortable for people to feel like there is a camera in their face. I try to blend into the background and capture people from afar while they are sharing a joke or even just taking in the day.


You will not find that my wedding photographs are full of people standing awkwardly and staring at the camera. Of course, I will get a few family and friends portrait shots but my style is more of a documentary style. By this, I mean one where the subject doesn’t look like they are posing for a photo but instead is captured in a natural way.


Please take a moment to look around my site and see what I am talking about.


If this is a style of wedding photography that you would like for your Cardiff Castle wedding, then please do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote today! 


Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Caerphilly Castle.

bridal party at Cardiff caslte Wedding
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