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Photography for your Cardiff City Hall wedding

Are you planning on getting married in Cardiff City Hall? If so, then congratulations, you are picking a beautiful wedding venue. The City Hall sits right in the Center of Cardiff, and if you walk outside, you can see Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Museum and of course the fountains that sit on the patch of grass in front of the City Hall. This is a building that most people in Cardiff take for granted, but when you take a step back and look at it, it is a fabulous building and makes incredible Wedding photography For Cardiff City Hall Wedding.


Not only this but the venue offers an array of fantastic rooms for you to get married and has some excellent places to go to get some images of you and your family on your wedding day. If you want a lovely local venue with some incredible architecture for your wedding snaps, then this is a great venue to choose.


The venue can cater from smaller weddings of twenty to forty guests, all the way up to the biggest weddings with two hundred guests.

Would a Cardiff City Hall Wedding Suit You?

One of the best things about getting married here is that the venue is reasonably priced. Because it is council owned, it is a lot more reasonable to get married here that other private venues such as the Miskin Manor or Bryngarw House.

If you would like to read more about this venue then why not have a look at their website where you can get more information as well as contact information, or you could just download their brochure here.


If you are still unsure then why not head over to a review site like trip advisor to read more from other couples who have got married here and what they think of it. Anything they would have done differently on their big day.

Choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding snaps.

The job of a photographer is not someone who documents the day, but we are also family historians. If you think about it, the pictures we take on your wedding day will be seen by generations to come. However, unlike looking at black and white photos, our ancestors will be looking at HD highly edits beautiful images that capture the essence of what made your wedding day unique. Your great grandchildren will not just be looking at pictures of you, but they will get an idea of your personality and how you were feeling on the day.


It is my job to capture moments. Parts of the day that might have seemed fleeting to you but were non-the-less important moments that you can look back on and reflect on what an incredible day you had. If you are looking for someone who understands the importance of wedding pictures and someone who has an eye for taking a great images, then why not choose me to take the pictures at your Cardiff City Hall wedding? Get in touch today for a quote.

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Mercure Hotel Cardiff

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