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Have professional photography of your

Cardiff Masonic Hall wedding.

Cardiff Masonic Hall Wedding

Are you thinking about having a Cardiff Masonic Hall wedding? If so then you are making a great decision, the Cardiff Masonic Hall Wedding is a building you would recognise but probably never really knew what it was. It is in Cardiff City Centre opposite the Chapel; it's a large building that is the main centre for the Free-Masons in Cardiff. 


If you are interested in getting married here, make sure you visit their website to read more about what getting married here involves. Also don’t be afraid to go and have a look at review sites such as wedding spot to see what other brides and groom have thought about their experience of getting married at this venue.

Wedding rings at Cardiff Masonic Hall Wedding

Choosing your Cardiff Masonic Hall wedding photographer.

One of the biggest decisions that you have to make when getting married is who you are going to trust with taking your wedding pictures. Wedding photos are not just beautiful memories, but they are a family Heirloom.


My job for the day is to become a family historian. Generations to come will look at these images and because of this, they will become more valuable with time.


When choosing your wedding photographer for your Cardiff Masonic Hall Wedding, the main thing you need to do is to simply go through their photos and see if you like their style. See if you would be happy for your images to be taken with the creative eye of that particular photographer.


Even though my primary job is to try and convince you to go with me, all I can really do is ask you to have a look at my wedding pictures and see if you like them. If you are happy with them and would consider me to be the person to take your pictures, please get in touch to see if I have availability to shoot your wedding.


If I am, then I would be honoured to shoot your wedding pictures. Let me know today, and I will send you my welcome pack with more examples of my work and my price listings.



Hopefully, I will speak to you soon!

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flowers at Cardiff Masonic Hall wedding
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