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Timeless pictures for your Cardiff Museum wedding

Cardiff Museum Wedding

Are You Considering having a Cardiff Museum Wedding?

Are you getting married and having the reception at the Cardiff Museum Wedding if so then you are making a great choice! The Cardiff museum is one of my favourite wedding venues because of its scale, you cannot help but be impressed by the size and splendour of that giant hall when you first walk in. The marbled floor and the high dome ceiling make for a visually spectacular venue that will lead to some incredible wedding photos.


If you are interested in getting married at the Cardiff Museum then why not visit their website today to enquire about availability and prices. Another thought for you is also to look at a couple of review sites so you can see what other brides and grooms have thought about their experience of getting married there.

Choose me as your wedding photographer.

I have only had the privilege so far of shooting the evening party of a wedding at the Cardiff  Museum, from my pictures you will get an idea of what the Museum will look like when you have your wedding breakfast and evening party. All weddings at the Museum are relatively late affair because the museum is open to the public for the first half of the day. That is why many of the wedding there are in the evening.

Dancing at Cardiff Museum Wedding

Why choose me?

Please have a look around my website and look at my images and my style of photography. You will notice that looking around other wedding photographers at Cardiff Museum websites, that we all have a different style and look to our pictures. The only thing you should consider is if I have the type of photos that you would like for your wedding day.

At the altar Cardiff museum wedding

How would you describe your wedding photography?

I would describe my images as colourful and timeless. I aim to capture real moments and try to stay away from too much posing. My goal is to observe the day and document it as I see it rather than trying to pose people or set up shots. At the end of the day, you should end up with natural feeling images of people enjoying your wedding day.


I will also take the time to make sure I get some lovely pictures of you and your partner, and of course, any family group shots that you want. However, my main aim is to document the day's activities.


If you are interested in me doing your wedding photography then why not get in touch today for your free engagement shoot to see if I am right photographer for your Cardiff Museum Wedding.

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Fonmon Castle

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