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Photographer for your Castell Coch wedding

If you are getting married at Castell Coch Wedding and would like to have a professional photographer capture For your Castell Coch wedding day, then why not have a look through my website to see if my pictures are the type of images you would be happy to have from your wedding day.

Would you like to have a Castle Coch Wedding?

Pound for pound, Wales has more castles in it than any other country in the world. If you are getting married in Wales and would like to get married in a castle then you will be spoilt for choice.


One of the best castles is Castell Coch. It sits on a hillside just outside Cardiff and is enshrouded by woodland; it is very much something out of a fantasy film. The castle’s name actually comes from the fact that the roof used to be red; coch is the Welsh word for red, so its name really is ‘red castle’. However, over time the roof has turned from its original red colour to more of a green, but it doesn’t take any of the beauty away from this amazing venue.


The best thing about Castell Coch is that it is council owned which means you can get married there without the huge price tag. Many privately owned wedding venues tend to massively up their prices for weddings, whereas all publicly owned venues seem to have much more reasonable prices.


You cannot really have an entire wedding at Castell Coch. Many people tend to just get married there and then go onto another place to have their wedding breakfast and party.


The castle itself can only really hold a maximum of thirty people, so it is ideal for people who are having a small ceremony and are happy to invite other guests just to their evening event.

What can I offer?

The thing that is going to draw you to any wedding photographer is their pictures. Even though I have a wedding coming up in Castell Coch soon, I have only ever done an engagement shoot there. Please have a look at some of the images on my website; they will give you a good idea of the type of images you would get if I was to capture your wedding day.


If you are interested, then why not contact me for a quote? We can meet up and even go on a free engagement shoot, where I can take some images of you and your partner and we can decide if my style of photography is right for you.


I hope to hear from you soon!

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Cardiff Museum

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