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Looking for a top wedding photographer for your Celtic Manor Wedding?

Dancing at Celtic manor Wedding

The Celtic Manor is probably one of the most famous hotels in Wales. It has hosted Presidents, Prime Ministers and world leaders. Being the only five star hotels in Wales this venue is the crème de la crème of wedding Venues. Getting married here will guarantee that your wedding day will be one to remember. Why not have wedding photographs to match?


From Asian weddings to gay weddings, the Celtic Manor Wedding is an incredibly busy wedding venue with a long waiting list. The hotel prides it self on giving the bride and groom the freedom to make the wedding day what ever they want it to be with few restrictions.


Download this free Celtic manor package list here.


Along with incredible food you can also enjoy amazing views over the Welsh mountains which can make your wedding photos looks incredible.

Are You Considering having a Celtic Manor Wedding?

It can seem tough choosing which photographer you would like to capture your big day. All Photographers seems to have different styles, different prices and different idea about how to make your photos look amazing. The biggest problem you have is that you probably don’t know the first thing about photography. Well actually this is a good thing, this means you will not be bias about who you choose.

celtic manor photography
celtic manor wedding photographer
wedding pictures celtic manor
bride at the celtic manor
dancing at a celtic manor wedding
Celtic manor wedding photographer
bride and groom first dance

The secret is to have a look around and find some images that you would really like to have of your wedding day, then you can look for a photographer for Celtic Manor Wedding who has a style that is the closest to the images you like.


Perhaps you like your images to look more “real”, photos that can capture what the day was really like. Maybe you like to have a photographer with a unique style that can help make your wedding photo look more unique.


No one can recommend a photographer for you; you can only go on photos that you like.

How many photographers will there be on the day?

This is entirely up to you. Obviously two photographers is more expensive but of course it means there are twice as many images being taken and twice as many chances to capture those crucial shots. Another benefit of having two photographers is that you can have one go with the bride in the morning and one with the groom. As a singular photographer you usually tend to only go with the Bride in the morning.

My Photography Style

If you were going to choose me to do your Celtic Manor wedding photography I would aim to keep my photography classy and elegant. Please take a moment to have a look through some of my other images to get an idea about the type of images I can take for you. If you like my style and would be interested in having me please do not hesitate to get in touch. Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Canada Lodge and Lake

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