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Are you getting married at the Copthorne Hotel Wedding?

Copthron Hotel Wedding

The Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff is one of the best hotels to get married in. First of all, it has great transport links. It is situated on the Culverhouse-Cross roundabout- with easy access roads from all parts of the city. The second important point about this hotel is the fact that there is much accommodation in the hotel for all your guests to stay the night if they wish. Also, it is worth noting that these rooms are competitively priced- so your guests won't be paying a fortune to stay the night. Bride and grooms can often get embarrassed to ask their guests to pay a lot of money to stay – so you will avoid that problem when booking the Copthorne Hotel . The hotel itself is a very smart hotel with appealing decoration on the inside. It has a traditional design, but has a modern feel- it even has a swimming pool, which can be popular for your guests before the wedding. It is worth going on to trip advisor to see what people have said about what it is like to get married at the Copthorne Hotel.

Would a Copthome Hotel Wedding Suit You?

If you are looking for a wedding photographer from Cardiff, it is worth spending a moment to consider what you are really looking for. There are many photographers who will promise you a variety of things, but when it comes down to it they don’t have the qualifications or experience to provide you with the quality you expect and deserve. I am a graduate of the Kingston University School of design. I am fully knowledgeable about all aspects of photography from the technical equipment to my fully furnished photo-editing suit. I have studied photography from many experts within the wedding industry and have really worked at my craft. If you book me, you can expect more than average quality. Instead, you will get a type of creativity that can only be provided by those who have studied in the field for the considerable time. I can work with you in advance to find out what type of photographs you would like and then I can put that into action on the big day.

Flower at copthorn hotel Wedding

Would you like to see some of my previous wedding photos?

I urge you to visit my personal website where you will be able to see all my previous photographs. You will also see on the website that I can also supply clients with an engagement shoot. This can be a great way for us to meet and discuss what you are looking for and to see if you would like to book me for your wedding. So if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer at for your wedding at the Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff , please visit my website and contact me today for a free quote.

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Corporate Event.

Party at the copthorn hotel Wedding
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