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Crug Glas wedding photographer

A few weeks ago I shot the wedding of Gemma and Andy at St Davids. They got married in a lovely venue called Crug Glas. Gemma and Andy were only really interested in having me shoot a half-day, so I turned up for Bridal prep and left just before their wedding breakfast.


As usual, a lot was going on during the Bridal prep. There were five children all running around, not to mention Gemma parents, bridesmaids and her bridesmaid's partners.


As you can see from the shots thought there are some lovely shots of the family all interacting and enjoying themselves.


They then went on to the Venue Crug Glas where they enjoyed the rest of the day.

Crug Glas

The wedding took place in Crug Glas. Crug Glas is a country house hotel in Pembrokeshire. The interior of the venue has a barn feeling to it, which is perfect for hosting the wedding breakfast ad the party at the end of the night.


They are also recognised as an AA Gold Award winner in 2017.

My role as a photographer at Crug Glas.

My job was to capture the day as it unfolded simply. I always tell the couples that I work with that I go out of my way to avoid interfering with the day.


My job is to capture the day as it unfolds.

When will you be aware of me taking pictures?

There are only a few times that you will be aware of me taking pictures. The first is when I turn up to bridal prep. Most brides get ready in a smaller house. With fewer people, you are going to be aware of another person in the room. However, I go to great lengths to make sure that I don’t just stick a camera straight in people’s faces. I will start by taking pictures of the wedding dress and flowers and only when I feel that everyone has got used to having me around do I begin to take pictures.


The second time you will be aware of me is during your group photos. This is the case as this is the only time in the day I ask people to look at the camera and smile.


The third time is when we go off to get couples portraits. This is when it will just be the three of us. Even though I go out of my way to make sure the pictures are relaxed and natural, you will be guided by me at this point and will undoubtedly be aware I am there.


However, the rest of the day you should not even notice me. Most people say that they did not even notice me throughout the day and that is the way I like it. I like my shots to capture moments. The only way to do this is to blend in with the guests. This is another reason why dress like I am one of the guests.

Why choose me to be your Photographer at your Crug Glas wedding.

Hopefully, you enjoy my photography. If you would like to see more pictures, make sure you have a look around the rest of my website. Remember that this wedding was only a five-hour shoot. I am usually there on the day for well over ten house so click here to see more of my pictures.


I have shots hundreds of weddings from Cardiff and across the rest of South Wales, so there are plenty of marriages to see.



If you are interested in my service, please make sure you get in touch today to see if I have availability for your big day.


We can meet up and go for a free engagement shoot to see if I am the right man for the job.

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