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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions

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Do you reserve a space for us once we enquire?

Unfortunately not, I can have up to 7 inquiries a week. Due to this, I do not reserve any day for anyone until the deposit has been received. If we have been on an engagement shoot and someone else inquiries for the same day as your wedding, I will let you know but generally, I work on a first come, first serve basis.

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How do you approach weddings?

My aim is to try and drift into the background. Apart from the posed shots, I will just walk around documenting what I see and trying not to make people too aware that I am taking images of them. I aim to simply document the day rather than ask guests to pose for the camera.


Please see my blog post on my approach to your wedding day.

What are your prices?

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Please get in touch today and I will send you my brochure with all my prices.

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How long will group shots and posed shots take on the day?

I always try to do group shots as quickly as possible. I will say that, depending on how many shots you want, group shots should not take any longer than 10-15 minutes. I would also ask to have a good 20-30 mins to go off with you and your new husband/wife to get some lovely posed images. The more time you give me, the more images there are to choose from at the end ☺

How long are you there on the day?

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I am typically there on the day for about ten hours but I tend to stay as long as it takes :)

Do you always shoot weddings alone?

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I typically work alone, but some people like the reassurance of having two people turn up to shoot their wedding, to ensure that all angles are covered. If you would like a second photographer, I have another photographer I can bring whose photography style compliments mine beautifully. Please let me know if you are interested in having me bring him along so that I can check his availability.

Please see my blog on having a second photographer.

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Are you insured?

I am fully insured for public liability. But this just means that if some of my equipment hurts anyone then I am covered. I would suggest you get wedding insurance if you are concerned about anything else. As for insuring images, there is no way to do this, unfortunately; but just know that I go to great lengths to make sure that all images are backed up throughout the day.

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When will I receive my photographs? How will they arrive?

You will receive your photographs within two six of the wedding. You will get high-definition, edited images in an online, downloadable gallery. This gallery can be sent to all your family and friends, and the images can be downloaded as many times as you like. All of this is included in the price. Coming from a graphic design background, I can also advise you on good places to get a wedding album made or I can, of course, do this for you and include it in my price. If you would like to see images of my wedding albums, let me know and I can send some over.

Please see my blog on when you will receive your wedding pictures.

Do you shoot formal group shots?

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Yes, but I always aim to get this done as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to assign someone such as a best man or usher to gather people and prepare them while I do the shooting. In all honesty, waiting around at a wedding to have your image taken can be boring, so I always think it is best to do this as quickly as possible.

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What if it rains?


There is always a plan B, but bear in mind that it does not usually rain every second of the day. I will always visit a wedding venue beforehand and do a recce. I will be aware of various spots where we can grab some beautiful pictures in all weather conditions. Leave this to me and do not panic; come rain or snow, we will get some lovely photos of your wedding day!


Please see my full blog on what happens when it rains on your wedding day.


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How many images do we receive and when will we be able to see them?

This will range from package to package. Obviously, if you only have me for a half day package, there will not be as many images as a full day package. 


Please see my blog on when you will receive your wedding pictures.

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Do you supply albums?

Yes I do, but this service is not included in my price. I get my albums printed at a website called Folio. They are beautiful, handmade wedding books that are incredible. They are the highest quality, but do come with a price tag. If you want one of these books, they cost £400. I can recommend other places to get a book made, but if you would like me to supply you with a book it will be of the highest quality.

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Can you provide additionals albums, prints and canvases?

Yes, I can do all of these too, but again at an additional cost. Please ask if you would like prints of any of the images I have provided you with and I will sort them out. We can discuss prices at that time.

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Can you shoot the Groom getting ready as well as the Bride?

Unfortunately, as I am a single cameraman, I can only really shoot the bride and the groom getting ready if you are both in the same building and getting ready at slightly different times.



Please see my blog on having a second photographer.

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Do we have to meet you before we book?

No, we do not have to meet before you book, but I always recommend that we go on a free engagement shoot beforehand. It gives us a chance to meet and discuss everything. I can also take some snaps of you, and you will begin to feel more at ease in front of the camera. This is critical for getting more natural shots on your actual wedding day.


Please see my blog on my approach to your wedding day.


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Do you take a deposit?

Yes, I always take a deposit of £300. This is because I get a lot of enquiries and I like to mark people in with pen as soon as possible. Otherwise, I have to chase people up every time I get enquiries for the same day.

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Why should we choose you over the other photographers?

The bottom line is that you should book me if you like the pictures that I take and if you are happy with my prices. I am a fun young guy but, of course, unless you are happy with my images and think my prices are reasonable, we will probably never meet. I would say just go with your gut, and if you think my pictures would suit your wedding day then get in touch for a free engagement shoot.

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