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Are you having a Forrest of Dean Wedding?

Forrest Of Dan Wedding

The forest of Dean Wedding is one of the most exclusive places to get married in Wales. There are many options you can choose from. For example, Clearwell Castle and The Speech House are brilliant venues within the area. The Forrest of Dean is becoming a very popular area to get married because of its impressive outlooks onto the woodland forests. Gloucestershire is a great area with lots of venues on offer. The Hilton Puckrup Hall is a very exclusive wedding venue, as is the Hallmark Hotel. It is no surprise that when couples choose to get married in the Forrest of Dean that their wedding photos are very impressive. The green backdrop against the sunny skies (hopefully) provide for the most stunning images. No doubt that you will be able to pose for a few photographs against this wonderful back drop as newly weds.

Are you looking for a great photographer in your Forrest of Dean Wedding?

My name is Phil, and I run the wedding photographer Cardiff. I also take photos at weddings that are outside Cardiff. I pride myself on extending my services because bride and grooms are thoroughly impressed with my wedding photography. I have studied at university and have taken part in specific wedding photography courses before setting up The Wedding Photographer Cardiff. I have learnt all the skills necessary to carry out the tasks that will enable you to have some of the best photos in the industry.

Guest at Forrest Of Dan Wedding

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If you would like to visit my website, you shall see a range of weddings that I have taken photos at. You will see that I have my own style, a documentary style with a romantic twist. It has been noted by many wedding guests that the colours in my photos are also very appealing. I spend a lot of time in the editing suite after the wedding ensuring that all the colours and focusing is to a very high standard. I like to think that any of my wedding photos could appear in print in professional magazines and newspapers. To ensure that I am taking photographs of the very highest quality, I have invested in the latest camera technology from Canon. If you would like to know further information about my equipment, please contact me through my website. If you have visited my website and are happy with what you see, I urge you to get in contact with me today to discuss available dates and prices. I have no set fee, as I have a lot of different packages on offer that may please you. It really all depends on how long you want me at your wedding venue. From my experience, it is best if you hire me out all day as there is nothing then that I will miss. I will be able to capture your special day in HD photographs from beginning to end. If you would like to book today, all I require at this stage from you is a small deposit to secure the booking. Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Llangoed Hall Wedding.

bride at Forrest Of Dan Wedding
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