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Photographs of a Jolyons wedding in Cardiff

Joylons Hotel wedding

I recently did an evening shoot at Joylons Boutique hotel Weding on Cathedral Road in Cardiff. Most wedding Photographers for Joylons only really stay around until 8 and one of the packages I offer is to turn up at 8-12 to capture all of the evening dancing and fun. On this page you will see a few images from that evening but if you are at all interested in seeing my other photography, please go through to the homepage of the this site where you will see far more examples of my work.

Joylons Wedding Photography
Wedding Dancing
First Dance at Joylons
Older couple dancing at Joylons
Enjoying a Cardiff Wedding
Chatting at a Joylons Wedding
Mum and son at Joylons Wedding
First Dance at Joylons
Boy peeping at Joylons
On the dancefloor at Joylons
Photography at Joylons
Photograph at Joylons wedding
Joylons wedding photographer
First Dance Photography Joylons
Celebrating a wedding at Joylons
Bride in Joylons

Would a Joylons Cardiff Wedding Suit You?

The venue is a small and exclusive venue that is very quaint. It is probably better for people who are having a smaller wedding and I would say it is only really suitable for people who are having up to 60 guests. Downstairs is a quaint bar with really cool decorations and seats. It is perfect for a local couples that don’t want to have to go far on their wedding day.



Most people would probably choose to get married in a different venue or Church and only really have the wedding breakfast and evening events here although I am sure it is possible to have the ceremony there too if you wanted. There probably is enough space in the events room to have a ceremony.


If you are interested in the venue, why not go to their website or even visit some review sites like trip advisor to read about other brides experiences getting married here.

dance at Joylons Hotel wedding

Why Hire me as your wedding photographer?

At the time of writing this I am an experienced photographer who has done few weddings. Because of this I am charging beginners rates even though I am not actually new to photography.


Having done photography In Jolyons and design at university, I left university to run a design and marketing firm which I have done for the last few years and only recently thought about bringing my passion of photography to the wedding industry.


What you will get if you choose me is an experienced wedding photographer for a fraction of the price.

family at Joylons Hotel Weding

My style of photography.

Please feel free to read more about me in the about me section of the website  but in a nut shell I am more of an observational photographer. I am interested in capturing people naturally, in natural light. Looking through my photos should have a much more documentary feel to the day.


The reason I do this is because I feel asking people to “say cheese” for the camera is often unforced and stiff. If you want your wedding day documented it is probably because you want to bring back memories of the day and not just look at all your guests staring at the camera with a bright flash in their face.


My aim of the day is to blend into the background and give you picture at the end that capture your wedding day perfectly.

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Rudry Parish Hall

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