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Wedding photographer for your Park Plaza Wedding

Park Plaza wedding

The Park Plaza Wedding is a hotel that is as near to Cardiff City Centre as you are going to get. It is a four star hotel that has great venue rooms and is perfect for a small to medium size wedding. The website describes this venue as a chic and distinctive venue that is perfect for people who are looking for a unique wedding day.


Within the hotel is a nightclub called the Kuku club, which is a perfect place to end your big day if you and your family love to dance.

Would a Park Plaza Wedding Suit You?

Another positive to getting married here is that you are right in the centre of Cardiff city so if you are up for it you could always head into Cardiff the next day for some breakfast and shopping with your friends and family.


If you are considering this as your wedding venue then visit their website and read some reviews from other Brides and Groom that have got married there on review sites like trip advisor.

dance at the Park Plaza Wedding

Wedding photography of the Park Plaza in Cardiff.

The Venue has big rooms with large windows that lend themselves quite nicely to lovely wedding photos. Throughout the day there are plenty of places to go within the hotel to get some great images and if you are feeling adventurous, Cardiff Castle and Bute Park are close by to grab some lovely images of you in more scenic area of Cardiff.



My style of photography is more of a documentary style. My aim is to capture you going about your day rather than getting you to face the camera and say cheese.

I want to create images that take you back to the moment and the way you were feeling when I took the image rather than focus your attention on me and snapping out of how you were feeling.


As an individual photographer  For Your Park Plaza Wedding will primarily be following the Bride, from Bridal prep at the beginning of the day right through to the first dance.


I aim to take a step back and capture you enjoying your day rather than sticking a camera in your face and getting in your way.

children at Park Plaza Wedding

There will of course be moments through out the day where we can put time aside to do some group shots and portrait of your and your partner. However I aim for my photography to tell a story or your day. Please take a moment to have a look through my website and see if my pictures are the type of pictures you would like to have for your Park Plaza wedding.


Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Margam Orangery.

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