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Wedding photographer for Portland House Wedding

Congratulations! Since you are reading this, there is a high chance that you have recently got engaged and are interested in having your wedding reception at Portland House . I have worked in the wedding industry for years (even from before I was a professional wedding photographer), so have been to all the major venues. Because of this, I thought I would write about all the venues to help you decide whether to get married in Cardiff Bay at Portland House.


Most weddings at Portland House take place in the ballroom, which is a huge room with a grand, Victorian feel to it. The ceiling appears to be held up by the four pillars placed in each corner. There are huge windows at the end of the room, not to mention a giant skylight above, which let a huge amount of light into the hall; this arrangement is perfect for getting some stunning wedding pictures.


Regarding size, I think this venue could comfortably fit up to 150 guests.


Regarding photography, the venue is metres away from Mermaid Quay so you have many options when it comes to getting some beautiful wedding pictures.


If you are interested in getting married here, then make sure you visit the Portland House wedding for more information and availability. Alternatively, if you are undecided, why not visit some review sites such as TripAdvisor to see what other brides thought about their experience of getting married at Portland House?

Are You Considering having a Portland House Wedding?

I consider myself a highly qualified wedding photographer at Portland House, but without the giant price tag. I have taken images at hundreds of weddings and have top of the range camera equipment to make sure your images are magazine quality. However, as much as I can talk about my experience, the only thing that will cause you to pick me over any other wedding photographer is the standard of my pictures. Please take some time to look through my site and browse some of the other wedding images I have taken. See if you are happy with the standard and if my pictures would suit your wedding day.

Get in touch today

If you are happy with my pictures and would like me to shoot your wedding day at Portland House, then do not hesitate to get in touch and I will check if I am available for your big day!

Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Craing Y Nos Castle

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