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Are you having a Redwick Village Hall Wedding?

Redwick Village Hall Wedding

Redwick Village Hall Wedding in Caldicot is a lovely wedding venue that you should consider if you live in the near by area. The hall itself offers a blank area that you can decorate in your chosen colour scheme and style. This venue is particularly useful for those brides and grooms that want to start from a blank canvas and make all the styling choices themselves. There is the nearby St Thomas Church where many choose for the actual wedding ceremony to take place, followed by the wedding reception at Redwick Village Hall. It is also worth noting that there is a very close nearby pub called The Rose Inn that provides accommodation for your guests if they should require it. If you would like to see if the village hall is available for your chosen wedding day, it would be worth visiting their website by clicking here ( You will see they have uploaded pictures to their website to for you to see. On their website, it says that “the hall offers flexible space and seating arrangements, plus a brand new kitchen and bar. You can choose to sit back and let our friends at The Rose Inn handle your catering or the bar”.

Are you looking for a great photographer for your Redwick Village Hall Wedding?

If you are looking for an experienced first class photographer, please consider me. My name is Phil, and I run Wedding Photographer Cardiff. I also offer my services for those who are getting married in Caldicot as it is so near Cardiff. When you book me, you will get a premium personalised service. Nothing will be a problem, and you can trust me that I am very friendly and approachable. If you an unsure about how to book me, it is worth visiting my website where you will be directed to call or email me. I am currently taking bookings for 2018 and 2019, so it is really worth getting in contact with me as soon as you have a date in mind.

Writing at Redwick Village Hall Wedding

How to book the Wedding Photographer Cardiff

If you would like to make a booking today, please visit the website where you will be asked to fill in short form. Here you will be able to let the photographer know where and when you are getting married and how many hours of the day that you will require the photographer. There are various packages on offer. The best and most advisable option is that you book the photographer out for the full day to ensure that everything of the day is captured. If you would like a photographer to follow the groom and bride getting ready before the main ceremony, Wedding Photographer Cardiff can arrange for a second photographer to come in on the day to ensure you get everything covered from all angles. Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Bodrhyddan Hall Wedding.

bride and bridesmaid at Writing at Redwick Village Hall Wedding
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