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Photography of a Rudry Parish Hall Wedding

Rudry Parish Hall Wedding

Are you getting married in Rudry Parish hall Wedding and looking for a wedding photographer that can capture your wedding day in the way that can do justice to the amount of effort that has gone into the day?


Rudry Parish hall is a lovely Venue to get married in; it is a small village hall, which has stunning views over the Welsh Countryside.  The venue itself is very much a blank canvas, which is great for couples that want to add their own personal touch to the venue. You can make this venue look and feel exactly how you would like. You can hire whatever caterers you like, whatever music you want and you can make your wedding individual. Of course the only issue with this is that it is a lot of effort all wrapped up in one day. However, all weddings are and when the day finally arrives it is all worth it!

Are You Considering having a Rudry Parish Hall Wedding?

It is my job to take images on the day that can highlight how beautiful you have made Rudry Parish Hall look. It is import that you have someone who can capture the finer details and snap your guess enjoying your big day.

Dancing at Rudry Parish Hall wedding

My Approach.

My main aim of the day is to blend into the background, I want to try and capture people looking natural and that means capturing people when they are unaware that there is a camera pointed at them.


Of course there will be some posed shots of everyone looking at the camera and some incredible images of your and your partner looking great in front of the venue but the rest of the day I will aim to just get people enjoying their day without feeling that they have to smile at the camera.


The beauty of this is that at the end of the day you are left with hundreds of images that tell a story of your wedding day at Rudry Parish hall and show real emotion rather than any sort of awkwardness that certain people might feel if they felt the camera was pointing at them.


Please get I touch if you would like me to capture your big day at Rudry Parish Hall

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