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My Approach to wedding Photography

My Ethos

I always like to meet up with the couples whose wedding I am shooting. At the initial meeting, it is great just to get to know each other and run them through “how it all works”.

I always find myself asking the same thing at the beginning of every meeting, which is “Do you have any questions or shall I just run you through everything first?”

The answer, every-single time is identical, “why don’t you run us through everything first”.

As I start talking about my approach to wedding photography and how I go about capturing the images that I do, I can see people relax.

I think for most people, they do not know how the wedding day is going to work and the thought of having a wedding photographer taking images of them and their friends and family can naturally make people feel a little awkward. As they find out more and realise that they are not going to be very aware of me throughout the day, I know this puts them at ease.

I decided to make this video so you can hear what I tell people before we meet up. For two reasons really, the first is it will save a bit of time when we meet and the second is, if we have not met yet, it will give you a much better Ides of whether I am the right wedding photographer for you.

How I would want my wedding photographer to be

So, as I mention in the video, I, myself am getting married next year, so I recently had to go through the process you are going through now. Looking for a complete stranger to come and take pictures of me, on the most important day of my life.

This opened my eyes to how difficult it can be.

However, it gave me a second realisation, I realised that all this time I have been taking photos at weddings, I have been acting how I would like a wedding photographer to act at my wedding. I realised that I would want someone at my wedding who acted like me.

My Wedding photography approach

Here is my checklist for my wedding photographer

1. Someone who stands back and just observes. I do not want someone who is going to try and force situations that might feel uncomfortable for my guests or me.

2. I didn’t want someone who was going to make my guest feel self-conscious. If I could have a photographer that simply blended into the background, that would be ideal. People feel awkward if they are having their picture taken. If they don’t know about it, then the pictures will be far more relaxed and natural.

3. I want the group's shots to be fast. We have all been to weddings where the group photos just go on for too long.

4. When doing the couples portraits, I just want it to be fun and relaxed. I don’t want to feel weird about having to kiss my new wife while some guy takes pictures. I want it to be more relaxed and fun.

5. Obviously, I want someone who takes great pictures at a reasonable price, but this goes without saying.

mother of the groom

What I strive to be/do

1. I document the day without getting in anyone's way.

2. I try to be chatty and informal to put everyone at ease

3. I aim to get group shots over in 15-20 minutes.

4. During couples portraits, I aim to get natural and relaxed images of the couples having fun rather than staring at the lens.

5. I try to give you the most reasonable price I can

If this sounds like someone you would be interested in capturing your wedding day, get in touch!

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