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How I edit your wedding Photographs

Hey, Guys, So as mentioned in the video above, one of the reasons why it takes so long for your wedding pictures to come through is because of the editing process. What some people may not realise is that every single image is edited before you receive them.

This process can quite often take far longer than the amount of time I am there on your wedding day. This goes a long way in explaining why wedding photography is so expensive.

The Wedding Photography Editing Process

So, I get back from your wedding and upload all the pictures onto my computer, I then go through them all and get rid of any of the pictures that aren't very good. Just to clarify, when I say they are not very good, I mean that they are blurry, or not exposed correctly or people in the pictures are blinking.

Once I have whittled down the best pictures, I then go through and edit every single image.

Edited by wedding photographer cardiff

How many images do you get from your Cardiff Wedding Day?

I always say that you will get a minimum of 500 pictures if you book me for the standard time of ten hours on your wedding day. The truth is, however, most people get far more than this. The reason people usually get far more is becuase I give you every good picture I have. I don’t just get to 500 images and then bin the rest; I only get rid of the pictures that are bad and give you everything else. My motto is that even if the image is not a beautiful image that you might want to frame, it is still a memory from your wedding day for you to look back on.

colours of cardiff wedding photography

Do you use Instagram filters?

No, I know that it is the fashion at the moment for pictures to have interesting “Instagram filters” which make the images look old and rustic. Even though this is very fashionable, I decided to try and keep my editing as timeless as possible. I just work hard to make the images a bit more vibrant and ensure that the colours pop.

My concern is that one-day you might look back at your wedding pictures and feel they look a bit dated because that style of editing was just fashionable at the time. Whereas if you just have images with beautiful colours and excellent contrast, they will always look lovely and should not age over time.

None of the effects I add are pre-existing filters, I simply look at the picture, decide what it needs and add in what I think compliments the image.

Edited image of wedding photography Cardiff

Can you get rid of spots or skin marks?

I always pay a lot of attention to the skin and remove any marks that I think you might not want, but I never remove and moles or defining features. You will never visibly notice anything I have done. As you can see in the video, my editing is subtle, but when you look at the before and after, you can see the difference.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what happens to your wedding photographs after your Cardiff wedding day. If you are interested in me doing your wedding pictures, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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