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What if it rains on my Cardiff Wedding?

rain on a cardiff wedding day

This is a question I get asked all the time. Whether you are getting married in the middle of December or even if you are getting married in July, unfortunately, you can never guarantee sun. So the question is, what do we do if it rains on your Cardiff wedding day?

Remember the day as it happens

My style of wedding photography is to just document the day as it unfolds. Rain will add an element to your wedding day that will be unique to your wedding. You will have the best day either way, so why not have a few shots of the stormy skies.

One day you will look back and enjoy seeing images that captured your big day as it happened. If I photoshopped bright blue skies behind you, you would forever know that it was not an accurate reflection of your day.

The rain might add to your day

The rain often forces people together which can be fun. I have been to weddings before where it is lovely and sunny, and the entire wedding spread out over a giant field. It instantly feels less intimate than a wedding day where everyone is huddled together and being forced to interact with each other.

Either way, I am there to capture the event, whether the wedding party are all inside or out. You will have fantastic images.

Anyway, enough of the preaching! Here a few things I always tell clients to put their mind at rest.

It never rains ALL day.

So, firstly, I have never been to a wedding where it rains non-stop. There are always patches of the day where it stops, and these can be perfect times to go outside and get a couple of group shots or even a few couples portraits.

(You will often find that in these patches, the sun comes out as well.)

group shots on a rainy wedding day in Cardiff

Most venues will have a plan b

The majority of wedding venue are beautiful places, inside and out. If it is raining at the times where we wanted to do group shots, there is always somewhere nice to go and get them. Also, remember that I bring my professional lighting with me, so the images I get of you will never be “dark and dingy.”

inside on a raining wedding day in Cardiff

Bright sunshine is not ideal for wedding pictures.

Bright, white sunlight is a nightmare for photographers. Harsh sunlight can cast horrible shadows on peoples faces. It also causes “panda eyes” where dark shadows are cast over the eyes.

The best light for photography is a soft, gentle light. Overcast, days are perfect for wedding photography. Photographers in California says they are extremely jealous of our lighting.

If it were a bright white day, I would only end up moving your wedding guests into the shade for softer light.

Also, incredibly hot weddings are uncomfortable so be careful what you wish for!

group shots in the shade

Editing can make all the difference.

In post-production, I can adjust lighting and the warmth of the pictures. So if the images all look a bit “cold” I can warm them up subtly so the day does not look as “gloomy” as it might have been. Rain or sun, your wedding pictures will be beautiful!

Rain can add a lovely moody effect to wedding photos.

Some of my favourite photos are taken in the rain, take a moment to look at the below image, does it look at all dreary or cold?

wet cardiff wedding day

It will not ruin your wedding day!

Whatever happens, I have never spoken to a single couple that turned around at the end of the day and said they had a horrible time because of the rain.

You have paid a lot of money for this day; everyone has turned up to see you. You will have such a fantastic time celebrating with your entire family; you will not care what the weather is like. Trust me on this one, do not waste any of your time worrying about whether or not it will rain on your Cardiff wedding day. There is nothing you can do about it anyway so why worry.

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