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Benefits of a second wedding photographer in South Wales

second photographer at your South Wales wedding

A second photographer in South Wales can often add another third to the price of your wedding photography package. In the UK, the average price of a second photographer is about £400.

In this blog I will discuss the positives and negatives to having a second photographer on your wedding day.

The benefits of a second wedding photographer in Cardiff

More pictures (and not just more photos, a more variety of pictures.)

With two photographers you essentially have two people viewing your wedding with a slightly different eye. All wedding photographers in Cardiff have a slightly different style and having two will give you a greater variety of shots and “visual opinions” on the day.

wedding photography from a different angle

Capture more of the morning

The bride and the groom are separate on the morning of your South Wales wedding. If only one wedding photographer comes along, he/she will typically follow the bride. The issue with this, is that the entire morning of the groom and his ushers getting ready will be undocumented.

This is where a second photographer can come in handy. One person can follow the bride, and the other can capture the antics of the groom and his mates getting ready.

More moments throughout the day

There are few events during the day where the main wedding photographer will be busy, such as group shots and couples portraits. During this time there will be moments happening elsewhere in the wedding that could be missed. A second photographer can continue to capture these moments. This means you will have even more moments documented than one photographer would have otherwise missed.

Different angles of your Cardiff wedding

During parts of the ceremony, one photographer can be capturing the audience while the other could be capturing you and your partner at the alter. With two photographers you will get more expressions and emotions that will tell the story of your big day.

more shots with a second cameraman in south wales

Negatives of a second shooter.

There is a reason why this option is not for everyone. Let's have a look why.


Some people will feel slightly uneasy with parting with $1000 for one South Wales wedding photographer and will certainly not want to part with any more than that for a second photographer. If you are trying to get married on a budget, you might be happy to forego a couple of extra snaps.

Too many cameramen

I know the original saying is too many chefs spoil the broth. Having more photographer will not spoil the broth by any means, but it will be noticeable that there are two photographer swanning around.

I certainly do not think this is the case at all, but it is definitely something to consider. My style is all about documenting the day and blending in. It is harder to blend in when there are two of you.


That is pretty much it. In my opinion, if you can afford a second photographer it is worth it. You will get a much broader array of pictures without having to pay double the price.

However, please do not think that there is anything wrong with just one photographer in Cardiff. 99% of my weddings I do alone, and my couples never feel there is a lack of pictures.At the end of the day, it comes down to preference.

If you are interested in me taking pictures at your wedding, get in touch for my price list today.

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