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When will we receive our wedding photographs?

how long before we see our wedding pictures

As soon as Cardiff wedding day is over, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to is "Long long will it be before I get to see our pictures?"

The short answer to this is 4-6 weeks.

There are many reason why it can take this long. The main one being a backlog of wedding pictures I need to edit.

During the peak Cardiff wedding season of April-September, I can be doing up to two to three weddings every single weekend. This creates a huge backlog of weddings. I always like to put a solid, four or five days aside to edit each wedding I do.

This means that if you are the third wedding of a weekend, this will instantly push your wedding pictures back a few weeks.

when do I receive my wedding pictures

Why does wedding editing take so long?

Please take a moment to have a look at my blog on how I edit your wedding pictures. You will notice that even though it is subtle, every single wedding picture you receive will have some form of editing done to it.

Not only do I bring out the colours, but sometimes I will take the time to add very subtle airbrush to the skin and even whiten teeth if I feel it will help the image shine.

The bottom line here is that taking the images is only half the job. The editing of your pictures is the most prominent difference between a professional photographer and the amateurs.

Most people can take good pictures (if they take enough) even though professionals will be able to get great shots most of the time; the editing is what separates people.

Your pictures will have professional touches added in post-production that will make your Cardiff Wedding photography come to life!

I like to take time and care over this to make sure your wedding snaps are the best they could possibly be!

Wedding photography in Cardiff

Is there a way I can receive my Cardiff wedding pictures sooner?

I have got a package where I will fast track your wedding pictures if you are interested. For an extra £150, I will put your wedding pictures to the front of the queue.

This means you are guaranteed your wedding pictures within two weeks of the wedding happening. Very few people opt to go for this option, but it is there, just incase you are desperate to see your wedding pictures early.

How many pictures can I expect to receive?

My average length of time that I spend at a wedding is ten hours. After a ten-hour day I always say to expect a minimum of 500 shots. However, most people get around 700 pictures.

I have a “leave no man behind” policy when it comes to receiving your wedding pictures.

As long as the pictures are not blurred and no one is blinking, you get every other shot. I never stop at a certain number. If it is a good picture, you get it.

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