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The top 4 Castles in for Wedding photography in Cardiff

Before I begin to tell you about my top four castles for wedding photography in Cardiff, I have some trivia for you. Did you know that Wales has more Castles “per square inch" than any other country in the entire world?

Think about it for a moment, how crazy is it, that within the Cardiff area alone, you have a choice of over six different Castles to get married at.

Imagine telling someone in America that in your hometown there are six medieval Castles that you can have your wedding day at. They wouldn’t believe you, yet this is something most of us take completely for granted.

Top wedding Castles in Cardiff for photography

In this blog I wanted to make a list of my top four wedding Castles regarding photography.

Please note that I will be taking into account a little more than just the visuals of the Castles such as price and location.

Anyway, without further ado, here they are…

Hensol Castle for wedding photography

1. Hensol Castle wedding.

Hensol Castle is located on the grounds of the Vale Resort. In other words, it is within the same grounds at The Vale of Glamorgan Hotel. It is roughly 20 minutes out of Cardiff and is surrounded by other favorite wedding venues such as Llanarch Vineyard and the Miskin Manor.

I would put this Castle at the top of my list because of its beauty and symmetry.

It is surrounded by loved grounds and just looks like an immaculate and classic wedding venue. It always reminds me of the Castle from the beginning of every Disney film.

The inside of Hensol Castle is equally as pretty as the outside of the Castle. The only issue is that this Castle is privately owned by the Vale of Glamorgan hotel so costs a little more than the other Castles I am about to mention which are all publicly owned.

Getting married in Cardiff Castle

2. Get Married in Cardiff Castle

Out of sheer patriotism, I would like to put this Castle first. The only reason I don’t is that there is never a way to stand outside the Castle and get a shot of the Castle right behind you. If you did this, you would be in the middle of St Mary Street, which simply, would not work.

Cardiff Castle is an amazing Castle to get married in because of the history and the fact that you are literally in the heart of Cardiff. It means it is easily accessible from any church you might decide to get married in, or you could just get married at the venue, which is a long room on the lower levels of the Castle. It is a quirky room that your wedding guests will not forget making your wedding day very special and memorable!

The rest of the Castle is steeped in history and has a very classic feel to it. A lot of the weddings I have done here have been very entertaining.

A Castell Coch wedding

3. Castell Coch wedding photography

This is not an amazing venue for large weddings, and in fact, you cannot have an entire wedding here. It is only really used for ceremonies. Non-the less the venue is beautiful, and the actual room you will get married in is this brilliant gold room. Also, you can get some incredible shots from outside Castle Coch.

Getting married at Castell Coch

It is a lovely venue and very scenic, the only issue is it is limited to about 40 guests, and you can only book the hotel for an hour or two for the ceremony. However, being publicly owned it is very reasonably priced.

Wedding photography of Caerphilly Castle

4. Caerphilly Castle

Last but not least is Caerphilly Castle. This is a lovely Castle with an incredible moat around it that makes for some lovely wedding pictures. The Castle itself is roomy and spacious with space for about 300 guests.

The Castle is about 30 minutes away from Cardiff but this is not an issue at all, and of course, if you decide to get married in the Castle, most of your guests will be there all day anyway.

All Castles on this page, (accept Hensol) are publicly owned which makes them reasonably priced. This is one of the biggest reason they have become such popular wedding venues over the last few years. If you are thinking about having your wedding at one of the top wedding Castles in Cardiff, my top tip would be to book yourself in asap to avoid the disappointment.

Why not hire me to be your wedding photographer at your Castle Wedding in Cardiff?

So this is my run down of my four favourite Castles to have your wedding at in Cardiff.

If you are getting married at any of these venues and would like to get in touch to discuss the possibility of me doing your wedding pictures, contact me today for a quote.

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