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How long do wedding photographers stay on the wedding day?

how long do wedding photographers stay

A lot of people are interested in how long a wedding photographer stays on your wedding day. Now I am going to start by saying that if you have paid for a certain amount of coverage such as “three hours of coverage” or even “half day package”, then this article is not going to apply to you.

This article is for all the people out there who have paid for full day coverage on the wedding day.

How many hours will a photographer be there?

My general guidelines are that I turn up for Bridal prep in the morning and I tend to leave for about half an hour after the first dance.

I turn up for Bridal prep about two and a half hours before your ceremony and the last dance tends to be at approximately 7.30pm to 8pm.

I would say my most popular hours are from 10am-8.30pm. This means that on average I spend about ten and a half hours at the majority of my weddings.

However, this does not necessarily mean that I will leave after ten hours on the dot.

how late do wedding photographers leave

Why is this the most popular time for you to do weddings?

The reason is that there is only ever going to be so many pictures you can take of a particular part of the day. For example, there would not be much point in me turning up at 8 am on the morning of your wedding if you are not going to start getting ready until ten.

Otherwise you would just have hundreds of pictures of you in your pyjamas for two hours in the morning. There would be no need for these.

The same goes in the evening. Once I have got shots of everyone having a few drinks and dancing. That will be enough to tell the story of your wedding day.

That is ultimately what it is all about.

when do wedding photographers arrive

Can you stay longer?

I can, of course, stay later in the evening. For example, if you are not getting married at 3 p.m., I would be starting much later then, and at that point, I can easily stay later if you like.

If you would like me to stay for the entire wedding right up until 12 at night, then I would need to charge more for this as this would significantly increase my hours on the day and also increase the number of pictures I would need to edit when the day is over.

The main thing to remember is that I do not have set hours so to speak, but I always like to tell people I am there for roughly ten hours on the day, so you get an idea of time frames. If the day does run on longer than expected and you don’t end up doing the first dance until a bit later, this is no issue at all. Very rarely does everything go to plan on a wedding day and most photographers will be aware of that and be happy to stay later for this reason.

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