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5 Reasons why you SHOULD always make a wedding album.

why you should make a wedding album

I love digital! The digital camera allows me to do the job I do. I even love being able to see my images up on a high definition screen. However, I still firmly believe that everybody should make their wedding pictures into a physical wedding album.

Digital is fantastic, but there will always be a place for real-life print.

Whenever I hear that the couples that I have shot for never bothered to get an album printed, I always think it is a bit of a shame. In this blog, I am going to give you five reasons why you should always get your albums printed.

1. Make it a family heirloom

Online albums are great and easily accessible, but as soon as you get your album in print, you will have created a family heirloom. Think about a time your parents and grandparents have gone up into the attic and brought down some old family pictures; there is something special about it. The best way I could describe this is that holding those images in your hands almost feels like you are holding a moment in time, a moment in history.

Now think about our great-grandchildren. There will not be looking at these old grainy black and white pictures of us; they will be looking at our Facebook pictures from when we were in Uni stumbling around drunk. There is something slightly tragic about that.

Most people these days do not bother to get images printed, but if there was ever an excuse, your wedding day would be it.

If nothing else, do it for your great grandchildren's sake, so one day they can look through an actual book of printed images of your wedding day rather than swiping through them on their mobiles.

hand made wedding album

2. Have it out as a talking point

Many people like to keep their wedding albums out in a prime place in their home. I think this is an excellent idea as it allows you to keep revisiting the day with whoever has come to your house.

Alternatively, just having the album on hand is a great way to make sure that it is always about if you fancy flicking through the pictures and taking you back to those special moments.

receiving.I know your mobile is always just an arm stretch away, but this is not the same as having something physically lying around your house. On top of this, a wedding album wont vibrate a alert you to messages you are receiving, distracting you from the moment you were having.

looking through a wedding album

3. Give it away to parents and grandparents

This is usually what most people say to me when they ask how much albums are. They want to know how much it would cost to get one printed for their parents and grandparents. I think this is a lovely idea. Most of our parents and grandparents would have grown up in a world where you only ever saw pictures in print and will treasure having a copy of your wedding day to hand.

Even if you decide that a printed album is not for you, make sure you get one as a special present for them.

4. See the pictures differently

As mentioned before we live in a throwaway, "swipe culture". Only the other day, a friend came over with her wedding pictures. She has seven hundred photos, so we projected them up on the TV screen and looked at each one for about a 3 seconds before moving onto the next.

We flicked through them all, and they were over in ten minutes or so.

When you make an album, the most images you will ever have in a book is about eighty. Making an album forces you to pick your favourite photos to get them printed out. After doing this, you will know you are looking at the best of the best, and you will take far more time enjoying each picture that comes out rather than swiping onto the next.

You will take time to observe the image in all its glory and potentially notice things that you had never seen before.

You should get an album, even if it is for no other reason than to chose your favourite pictures form the day and to spend more time enjoying them.

wedding photographer cardiff album

5. Make the most of your money

You will be spending a lot of money on wedding photography with the average UK photographer charging one thousand five hundred per wedding. If you are spending this much on having your wedding pictures created, why wouldn’t you pay an extra hundred or so getting them printed into a lovely book?

The price of my albums start at three hundred and fifty pounds, but that is because they are incredibly high-quality books. They are handmade, and the interior pages have no crease down the middle so image can be printed across the entire spread (example above).

Although I am aware this is very expensive, I always recommend people go an get their own albums printed online. You would be amazed at the lovely albums you can get published online these days for a very reasonable price.

The only reason I charge more for my albums is that I want anything thing you receive from me to be the top quality it can possibly be.

Although you can get great albums printed for thirty to fifty pound, it is essential that any album I present you with is exceptionally high quality to meet the high standard of the images I take.

If you are interested in having your wedding picture taken by me and would like an album, do not hesitate to get in touch today for a quote.

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