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The Booking Process

If you do decide to go with me, I always take a deposit. This is so I can officially mark you in with pen. Then, if I have other enquiries for the same day, I can confidently tell people I am booked rather than having to double check with you that you still need my services.


And that’s it. We will, of course, speak closer to the time but one of the next times I see you will be on the big day.

Typical structure of the day

1. I will arrive at the bride’s house in the morning to capture all of the bridal party’s preparation.


2. I will follow the bride through to the church or other location of the ceremony to capture her arriving and entering.


3. I will discreetly capture the ceremony, including guests’ reactions and emotions. You will not even notice me there.


4. I will capture the signing of the register with the family present.


5. I will follow you out of the church to get shots of such moments as you meeting the people at your wedding, confetti being thrown and you getting in the car to drive off.


6. At the venue, I will get more shots of people enjoying the day, details from the wedding breakfast and, of course, group shots (bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, etc.).


7. I will have a quick half an hour with you, getting some classic wedding poses of you both in a nearby scenic area.


8. Towards the end of the day, I will capture speeches, the cutting of the cake and, of course, the first dance.

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