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Need a professional photographer for your Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Wedding?

The vale of glamorgan hotel wedding

Are you thinking about having a Vale of Glamorgan Hotel wedding? Having done many wedding there, I can say that the venue is incredibly professional and has a range of different packages that can suit the smallest weddings up to the biggest weddings.  The most popular room is the Morgannwg Suite. However, if your wedding is quite large then you may consider going with the Castle Suite, which is considerably larger.


When you book to have your wedding here, you are given your own events coordinator that helps you plan all the details of your big day from food, to flowers and even the best wedding photographers to Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel go with.

Would you like to have a Vale of Glamorgan Wedding?

The great thing about the Vale is that it is an impressive building. From the incredible suits through to the Garden surrounding the venue, there are plenty of fantastic photo opportunities.

Getting married at The Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel Wedding

My Style of Photography

Please take a moment to have a look through my site to get an idea of my photography styles. I like to consider my style to be more of an “observation style”. I like my images to look natural and I always think the best way to do this is to capture people when they are unaware they are being photographed.


Of course there are always going to be moment when we gather all the family together for a series of photos but it’s usually the other images that really make the wedding photos. The snap of uncle Mike on the dance floor, the moment all your brides maids burst out laughing. The moment with your mum at the begging of the big day. These are the moments that really capture the day. Theses are the images that can take your wedding photography from being really nice, to being really memorable.


The purpose of the Wedding photos for me is to create snap shots in time, images that will reinvigorate your memories and make you feel like it was just yesterday even if you are looking back at them in forty years time.



If you are interested in having me take the images of your big day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to learn more about my styles and how I could take images that can bring your memories alive. Images that everyone can enjoy. Another Popular Wedding Venue that people often consider is the Celtic Manor

Getting married at The Vale Of Glamorgan Hotel Wedding
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